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Rule 81

Rule 81. Applicabilityof rules in general.

(a) Special statutory proceedings. These rules shall apply to all specialstatutory proceedings, except insofar as such rules are by their nature clearlyinapplicable. Where a statute provides for procedure by reference to any partof the former Code of Civil Procedure, such procedure shall be in accordancewith these rules.

(b) Probate and guardianship. These rules shall not apply to proceedings inuncontested probate and guardianship matters, but shall apply to allproceedings subsequent to the joinder of issuetherein, including the enforcement of any judgment or order entered.

(c) Application to small claims. These rules shall not apply to small claimsproceedings except as expressly incorporated in the Small Claims Rules.

(d) On appeal from or review of a ruling or order of an administrative boardor agency. These rules shall apply to the practice and procedure in appealingfrom or obtaining a review of any order, ruling or other action of anadministrative board or agency, except insofar as the specific statutoryprocedure in connection with any such appeal or review is in conflict orinconsistent with these rules.

(e) Application in criminal proceedings. These rules of procedure shall alsogovern in any aspect of criminal proceedings where there is no other applicablestatute or rule, provided, that any rule so applied does not conflict with anystatutory or constitutional requirement.