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Rule 75. Limited appearance.

(a) Purposes. An attorney acting pursuant to an agreement with a partyfor limited representation that complies with the Utah Rules of ProfessionalConduct may enter an appearance limited to one or more of the following purposes:

(a)(1) filing a pleading or otherpaper;

(a)(2) acting as counsel for aspecific motion;

(a)(3) acting as counsel for aspecific discovery procedure;

(a)(4) acting as counsel for aspecific hearing, including a trial, pretrial conference, or an alternativedispute resolution proceeding; or

(a)(5) any other purpose withleave of the court.

(b) Notice. Before commencement of the limited appearance the attorneyshall file a Notice of Limited Appearance signed by the attorney and the partyor, if permitted by the judge, orally announce the limited appearance on therecord in a proceeding. The Notice shall specifically describe the purpose andscope of the appearance and state that the party remains responsible for allmatters not specifically described in the Notice. The clerk shall enter on thedocket the attorney?s name and a brief statement of the limited appearance. TheNotice of Limited Appearance and all actions taken pursuant to it are subjectto Rule 11.

(c) Motion to clarify. Any party may move to clarify the description ofthe purpose and scope of the limited appearance.

(d) Party remains responsible. A party on whose behalf an attorneyenters a limited appearance remains responsible for all matters notspecifically described in the Notice.