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Rule 74. Withdrawal of counsel.

(a) Notice of withdrawal. An attorney may withdraw from the case byfiling with the court and serving on all parties a notice of withdrawal. Thenotice of withdrawal shall include the address of the attorney?s client and a statementthat no motion is pending and no hearing or trial has been set. If a motion ispending or a hearing or trial has been set, an attorney may not withdraw exceptupon motion and order of the court. The motion to withdraw shall describe thenature of any pending motion and the date and purpose of any scheduled hearingor trial.

(b) Withdrawal of limited appearance. An attorney who has entered alimited appearance under Rule 75 shall withdraw from the case upon theconclusion of the purpose or proceeding identified in the Notice of LimitedAppearance:

(b)(1) by filingand serving a notice of withdrawal; or

(b)(2) ifpermitted by the judge, by orally announcing the withdrawal on the record in aproceeding.

An attorney who seeks to withdrawbefore the conclusion of the purpose or proceeding shall proceed undersubdivision (a).

(c) Notice to Appear or Appoint Counsel. If an attorney withdraws otherthan under subdivision (b), dies, is suspended from the practice of law, isdisbarred, or is removed from the case by the court, the opposing party shallserve a Notice to Appear or Appoint Counsel on the unrepresented party,informing the party of the responsibility to appear personally or appointcounsel. A copy of the Notice to Appear or Appoint Counsel must be filed withthe court. No further proceedings shall be held in the case until 21 days afterfiling the Notice to Appear or Appoint Counsel unless the unrepresented partywaives the time requirement or unless otherwise ordered by the court.

(d) Substitution of counsel. An attorney may replace the counsel ofrecord by filing and serving a notice of substitution of counsel signed byformer counsel, new counsel and the client. Court approval is not required ifnew counsel certifies in the notice of substitution that counsel will complywith the existing hearing schedule and deadlines.