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Rule 4A. Defendant?s removal to district court.


(a) To exercise the right to ajury trial, a defendantshall:


(a)(1) Within 15 days of beingserved with the affidavit, file a notice ofremoval in the district court;


(a)(2) pay the appropriate filing fee, unless waivedby the district court;and


(a)(3) file a copy of the notice of removal in the small claimscourt, with the number of the districtcourt case, and proof of service.


(b) Upon filing the notice of removal, theclerk of the justice court shall close its caseand the matter shallcontinue in districtcourt under the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure.


(c) If a case is notremoved to district court pursuant to this rule,the right to a jurytrial in the first instance is waived and the matter, includingany appeal, shall proceedaccording to these rules.


Effective July 18, 2016