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Rule 3. Service of theaffidavit and summons.


(a)    Service of the small claimsaffidavit and summons shallbe as provided in Utah Rule of Civil Procedure4. The affidavit andsummons must beserved at least 30 calendardays before the trial date.


(b)   Proofof serviceof the affidavitand summons must befiled as provided in Utah Rule ofCivil Procedure 4 no laterthan 10 business days afterservice.


(c)    Each party shallserve on all other partiesa copyof all documents filed with thecourt. Each party shallserve on all other partiesall documents as ordered by the court. Serviceof all papersother than the affidavit and counter affidavit may bebyfirst class mail to the otherparty?s last known address.The party mailing the papers shall fileproof of mailing with the court no laterthan 10 businessdays after service. If the papers are returnedtothe party servingthem as undeliverable, theparty shall file the returned envelopewith the court.


(d)The summons shall include language sufficient to notify defendant of theremoval right provided in Rule 4A.


Effective July 18, 2016