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Rule 2A. Defendant?s removal from district court.


(a) A defendant removing a case from districtcourt pursuant to 78A-8-102shall file with the clerk ofthe justice court withjurisdiction:


(a)(1) a copy of the noticeof removal filed in district court;


(a)(2) the plaintiff?sstipulation to proceed in small claims; and


(a)(3) any counteraffidavit showing a right to recover damages from the plaintiff.


(b) Unless waived upon filing an affidavit ofimpecuniosity, the appropriate filing fee must accompany the notice of removal.


(c) Upon filing thenotice of removal, the clerkof the court shall schedule the trialand issue notices, which the defendant shall serve upon the plaintiff,along with a copy of any counteraffidavit.


EffectiveJuly 18, 2016