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Rule 2. Plaintiff beginning the case.


(a)    A case isbegun by plaintifffiling with the clerk of the courteither:


(a)(1) an affidavit stating facts showing the righttorecover money from defendant; or


(a)(2) an interpleader affidavit showing that plaintiffis holdingmoney claimed by two or ??more defendants.


(b)   Theaffidavit qualifies as a complaintunder the UtahCode.


(c)    Unlesswaived upon filing an affidavit of impecuniosity, the appropriate filing fee must accompany the smallclaims affidavit.


(d)   In an interpleaderaction, plaintiff must pay the money into the courtat the time of filingthe affidavit or acknowledge that itwill pay the money towhomever the court directs.


Upon filing the affidavit, theclerk of the court shall schedule the trialand issue the summonsfor the defendant to appear.


Effective July 18, 2016