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Rule 11. Collection ofjudgments.


(a)Judgments may be collected under the Utah Rules ofCivil Procedure.


(b)Upon payment in full of the judgment, including post-judgment costs andinterest, the judgment creditor shall file a satisfaction of judgment with thecourt. Upon receipt of a satisfaction of judgment from the judgment creditor,the clerk of the court shall enter the satisfaction upon the docket. Thejudgment debtor may file a satisfaction of judgment and proof of payment. Ifthe judgment creditor fails to object within 10 business days after notice, thecourt may enter satisfaction of the judgment. If the judgment creditor objectsto the proposed satisfaction, the court shall rule on the matter and mayconduct a hearing.


(c) Ifthe judgment creditor is unavailable to accept payment of the judgment, thejudgment debtor may pay the amount of the judgment into court and serve thecreditor with notice of payment in the manner directed by the court as mostlikely to give the creditor actual notice, which may include publication. After30 calendar days after final notice, the debtor may file a satisfaction ofjudgment and the court may conduct a hearing. The court will hold the money intrust for the creditor for the period required by state law. If not claimed bythe judgment creditor, the clerk of the court shall transfer the money to theUnclaimed Property Division of the Office of the State Treasurer.


EffectiveMay 1, 2004