Law and Motion Mediation Program

The Law and Motion Mediation Program is a voluntary mediation program set up through the Court and carried out by trained volunteer mediators for general civil proceedings and contract disputes filed with the Court. These disputes often involve debt collection matters but may also include contract disputes, landlord tenant disputes, construction and services related liability disputes, and insurance disputes. Parties are expected to attend and if represented their attorneys as well and the mediator will meet with them in an effort to have the parties arrive at some form of agreement that will typically avoid the necessity of a trial. Many cases are resolved in mediation and the agreement is provided to the parties and the judge assigned to the case. All parties have the right to take the dispute to trial should a satisfactory agreement not be reached in the mediation.

In West Jordan and Layton, the Court or the parties or their attorneys may request mediation and the clerk of the court will schedule the mediation to take place on a designated day. Law and Motion at the Matheson courthouse is an option provided to parties at their first hearing.

Program located at the West Jordan Courthouse on Monday mornings, the Matheson Courthouse (Salt Lake City) on Monday afternoons and Layton Courthouse on Wednesday mornings.

If you have questions regarding this program, please contact:

Page Last Modified: 6/10/2010
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