Electronic filing is mandatory in juvenile court effective December 1, 2015. See UJCA Rule 4-901.

Welcome to the juvenile court eFiling web page. This web page was created to provide information to community partners and the public, about the juvenile court's transition to electronic filing The web page contains information and forms on requesting access to CARE, training in CARE, and training materials for community partners and the public. The page also includes links to Online Court Assistance Program (OCAP), the website for assistance in preparing court documents and My Case, a system that allows you to view information about your juvenile case and e-payments. CARE is the Court and Agencies' Record Exchange (CARE) case management system. CARE is a system designed to be used by a wide variety of users and its purpose is to manage data throughout the entire process of involvement with the Juvenile Court. Additionally, the web page includes answers to the "most frequently asked" questions regarding eFiling and CARE questions. Also there is contact information for CARE/eFiling trainers and specialists in each judicial district.

Getting Started with eFiling

CARE Access

In order to electronically file in the Utah Juvenile Court you will need to obtain a CARE login. The Division of Child and Family Services and the Guardian Ad Litem's will electronically file through their own system (SAFE and VOICE) through the existing Interface agreements.

  • Instructions on requesting access and training in CARE - PDF Document PDF
  • CARE Computer Requirement Instructions - PDF Document PDF

Each Director or Owner of a Firm or Agency will need to fill out the Firm/Agency Agreement. This agreement authorizes access in CARE to the Firm or Agency's cases for those individuals that the Agency or Firm identifies as needing access, such as other attorneys in the Firm and/or paralegals.

  • Agency/Firm Agreement - PDF Document PDF

Each individual user of CARE must fill out and sign a User Agreement.

  • User Agreement - PDF Document PDF

Electronic Filing in Utah's Juvenile Courts

  • Mandatory eFiling in the Juvenile Court - PDF Document PDF
  • Juvenile Court's eFiling Implementation Plan - PDF Document PDF
  • Juvenile Court's eFiling Information - PDF Document PDF
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Attorneys - PDF Document PDF
  • Utah State Juvenile Court eFiling Standards - PDF Document PDF
  • Request for Data Correction PDF Document PDF
  • | Word Document Word
  • Exemptions to the Juvenile Court eFiling Rule - PDF Document PDF

CARE Information and Training Resources

  • Online Training Program (OTP) - eFiling
  • Juvenile Court eFiling for Defense Counsel - PDF Document PDF
  • Juvenile Court eFiling for the Attorney General's Office - PDF Document PDF
  • Juvenile Court eFiling for Prosecuting Attorneys - PDF Document PDF
  • CARE and eFiling Trainers - PDF Document PDF
  • Certificate of Training - PDF Document PDF

Public Information

CARE Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Difficulties

  • Contact CARE/eFiling Trainers - PDF Document PDF

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