Rule 24. Arraignment.

(a) An arraignment shall be held within 30 days from the filing of the petition, or within 10 days if the minor is held in detention, unless otherwise ordered by the court for good cause shown.

(b) At the arraignment the court shall inform the minor and the minor's parent, guardian or custodian:

(b)(1) of their right to further time, unless waived, if service was not accomplished as provided in Rule 18;

(b)(2) of the nature and elements of each allegation contained in the petition;

(b)(3) of their right to retain counsel, or if indigent, to have counsel appointed by the court;

(b)(4) of their right to a reasonable time to consult with counsel before entering a plea;

(b)(5) of the minor's right against self-incrimination; and

(b)(6) that the state has the burden to prove the allegations of the petition beyond a reasonable doubt.

(c) After providing the information set forth in paragraph (b) and ascertaining that all necessary parties are present, the court shall call upon the minor to admit or deny the truth of the allegations by plea.

Advisory Committee Notes