Rule 26. Written orders, judgments and decrees.

(a) In all rulings by a court, counsel for the party or parties obtaining the ruling shall within fifteen days, or within a shorter time as the court may direct, file with the court a proposed order, judgment, or decree in conformity with the ruling.

(b) Copies of the proposed findings, judgments, and orders shall be served upon opposing

counsel before being presented to the court for signature unless the court otherwise orders. Notice of objections shall be submitted to the court and counsel within five days after service.

(c) All orders, judgments, and decrees shall be prepared in such a manner as to show whether they are entered based on a ruling after a hearing or argument, the stipulation of counsel, the motion of counsel or upon the court's own initiative, and shall identify the attorneys of record in the cause or proceeding in which the judgment, order or decree is made. If the order, judgment, or decree is the result of a hearing, the order shall include the date of the hearing, the nature of the hearing, and the names of the attorneys and parties present at the hearing.

(d) All judgments and decrees shall be prepared as separate documents and shall not include any matters by reference unless otherwise directed by the court. Orders not constituting judgments or decrees may be made a part of the documents containing the stipulation or motion upon which the order is based.

(e) No orders, judgments, or decrees based upon stipulation shall be signed or entered unless the stipulation is in writing, signed by the attorneys of record for the respective parties and filed with the clerk or the stipulation was made on the record .