Rule 6. Bond for costs on appeal.

Except in a criminal case, at the time of filing the notice of appeal, the appellant shall file with the notice a bond for costs on appeal, unless the bond is waived in writing by the adverse party, or unless an affidavit as provided for in Utah Code Section 78A-2-302 is filed. The bond shall be in the sum of at least $300.00 or such greater amount as the trial court may order on motion of the appellee to ensure payment of costs on appeal. No separate bond for costs on appeal is required when a supersedeas bond is filed. The bond on appeal shall be with sufficient sureties and shall be conditioned to secure payment of costs if the appeal is dismissed or the judgment affirmed, or of such costs as the appellate court may award if the judgment is modified. The adverse party may except to the sufficiency of the sureties in accordance with the provisions of Rule 62, Utah Rules of Civil Procedure.