Rule 14-518. Interim suspension for threat of harm.

(a) Transmittal of evidence. Upon receipt of sufficient evidence demonstrating that a lawyer subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Supreme Court poses a substantial threat of irreparable harm to the public and has either committed a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct or is under a disability as herein defined, OPC counsel shall file a petition for interim suspension in the district court and give notice in accordance with Utah Rule of Civil Procedure 65A. An action is commenced under this rule when the petition for interim suspension is filed.

(b) Immediate interim suspension. After conducting a hearing on the petition, the district court may enter an order immediately suspending the respondent pending final disposition of a disciplinary proceeding predicated upon the conduct causing the harm, or may order such other action as deemed appropriate. If an order is entered:

(b)(1) the district court may appoint a trustee, pursuant to Rule 14-527, to protect the interests of the respondent's clients; and

(b)(2) the OPC may file a formal complaint in the district court without presenting the matter to a screening panel.

(c) Notice to clients. A respondent suspended pursuant to paragraph (b) shall comply with the notice requirements in Rule 14-526 as ordered by the district court.

(d) Motion for dissolution of interim suspension. On two days notice to OPC counsel, a respondent suspended pursuant to paragraph (b) may appear and move for dissolution or modification of the order of suspension, and in that event, the motion shall be heard and determined as expeditiously as the ends of justice require.