Rule 14-412. Presumptively approved sponsors; presumptive MCLE accreditation.

(a) The Board may designate an individual or organization as a presumptively approved sponsor of accredited CLE courses or activities if they meet the following standards.

(a)(1) The sponsor shall be either an approved law school or an organization engaged in CLE which, during the three years immediately preceding its application, has sponsored at least six separate courses which comply with the requirements for individual course accreditation under Rule 14-411. Status as a presumptively approved sponsor shall be subject to periodic review.

(a)(2) Within 60 days prior to offering a course, the sponsor shall indicate on a Board-approved form that the course satisfies the provisions of Rule 14-411. Each course shall be accredited as long as the sponsor has presumptive approval.

(a)(3) The sponsor shall submit related information within 60 days following the presentation of a course, including the registration list in an approved format, a copy of the brochure describing the course, a description of the method or manner of presentation of course materials, and, if specifically requested by the Board, a set of course materials.

(a)(4) The sponsor shall make its courses available to all lawyers throughout the state, unless it can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Board that there is good reason to limit the availability.

(a)(5) The sponsor shall submit to all reasonable requests for information and comply with this article.

(b) Denial of presumptively approved sponsor status. Notwithstanding a sponsor's compliance with paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(5), the Board may deny designation as a presumptively approved sponsor if the Board finds there is just cause for such denial.

(c) Revocation of presumptive approval. Presumptive approval of a sponsor shall entitle courses offered by that sponsor to accreditation until such time that the Board determines that the sponsor is not entitled to presumptive approval. The Board may audit any sponsor having presumptive approval and may revoke the presumptive approval if it determines that the sponsor is offering, as accredited, courses which do not satisfy the standards established under Rule 14-411.

(d) Presumptive MCLE accreditation. The Board may establish a list of those entities that have CLE requirements and accreditation standards which are consistent with those of the Board. Courses which are accredited by those entities on the list shall be entitled to presumptive accreditation. The Board may review and revise the list at any time in its discretion.