Rule 14-110. Active and inactive members of the Bar.

(a) Any member of the Bar who has retired from the practice of law or who is not engaged in the practice of law, except for foreign legal consultants, may upon request be enrolled as an inactive member. There shall be no rebate of any license fee upon transfer from active to inactive membership. An inactive member may attend the annual and special meetings and participate in any debates or discussions at such meetings, but shall not be entitled to vote in any election or upon any question. An inactive member may provide pro bono legal services for or on behalf of a legal services organization approved by the Bar upon meeting certification and performance standards, conditions and rules established by the Board.

(b) The Board may appoint inactive members to committees. The annual fee for an inactive member shall be payable before the first day of July of each year, in an amount fixed by the Board, with the approval of the Supreme Court to effectuate the purpose of this chapter. An inactive member in good standing may request to be enrolled as an active member. Upon such request and the payment of the full annual license fee for the current fiscal year and any other fees authorized by the Court, less any fee paid as an inactive member for such fiscal year, the applicant shall be immediately transferred from the inactive roll to the active roll.

Effective May 1, 2017