Rule 9-106. New judge certification procedure.


To establish the orientation and testing procedure to be followed in determining certification of proposed justice court judges.


This rule shall apply to all newly appointed justice court judges who are not already certified judges in other justice courts in Utah. This rule shall not apply to active senior justice court judges.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) The Council shall schedule three orientations each year. Upon receipt of written notification of the name of a proposed judge, both the proposed judge and the appointing authority shall be notified in writing of the date of the next orientation, and such notification shall include a copy of this rule.

(2) At least 10 days prior to the orientation, the proposed judge shall be sent a copy of the current Manual for Justice Court Judges.

(3) Prior to the orientation, the appointing authority shall assure, and shall notify the Council, that the proposed judge meets the statutory qualifications for office.

(4) The orientation shall cover substantive and procedural issues pertinent to justice courts as outlined in the Manual for Justice Court Judges.

(5) Upon completion of the orientation session, an examination shall be administered. In order to be certified, each proposed judge must attend all parts of the orientation and must answer at least 80% of the examination questions correctly.

(6) If a proposed judge fails to answer 80% of the questions correctly, that proposed judge shall have the opportunity to take another examination not sooner than 15 days after the orientation. The second examination shall be preceded by a substantive review of the first examination and an opportunity for additional instruction.

(7) A proposed judge who fails to answer 80% of the questions on the second examination correctly must wait until the next scheduled full orientation in order to be retested. The appointing authority shall be notified of the status of the proposed judge, and the provisions of paragraphs (5) and (6) above shall once again apply.

(8) Upon completion of the orientation process, the Justice Court Administrator shall make a recommendation to the Council respecting certification. The Council shall either certify that the proposed judge has attended the orientation and successfully passed the examination, or decline to certify the same. The Council shall notify the proposed judge and the appointing authority of its decision in writing.

(9) The Council may waive any of the non-statutory requirements above for good cause shown.