Rule 2. Plaintiff beginning the case.


(a)    A case is begun by plaintiff filing with the clerk of the court either:


(a)(1) an affidavit stating facts showing the right to recover money from defendant; or


(a)(2) an interpleader affidavit showing that plaintiff is holding money claimed by two or more defendants.


(b)   The affidavit qualifies as a complaint under the Utah Code.


(c)    Unless waived upon filing an affidavit of impecuniosity, the appropriate filing fee must accompany the small claims affidavit.


(d)   In an interpleader action, plaintiff must pay the money into the court at the time of filing the affidavit or acknowledge that it will pay the money to whomever the court directs.


Upon filing the affidavit, the clerk of the court shall schedule the trial and issue the summons for the defendant to appear.


Effective July 18, 2016