The 6th Judicial District

Garfield, Kane, Piute, Sanpete, Sevier, and Wayne Counties

The Sixth Judicial District is bordered on the north by Utah County and on the south by Arizona. Sixth District is the largest, geographically, and the smallest in terms of population, of all the Utah judicial districts. It occupies 19.3 percent of the land in the state and includes 2.6 percent of the population. Travel is a major consideration for this rural district. Each of the three judges in the Sixth District spends as much as 25% of their time in the car, traveling for court. However, travel is not exclusive to judges, it is equally difficult for the public. The worst-case scenario is the person living in Bullfrog needing to attend court in Kanab, the Kane County seat, a whopping 315 miles away. With such a sprawling district and limited resources, coordination is key. Phones, computers, e-mail, and faxes are used to address many interaction and communication needs.

Community Resource Guide for Sixth District

A guide designed for the public, as well as the helping professional. It contains information about various youth programs, mental health providers, counselors, substance abuse interventions, and help-lines. PDF Document PDF

Contracting Court Services

The District and Juvenile Courts are required, by statute, to hold court in each county. The state does not manage the District Court staff or facilities in Garfield, Kane, Piute, Sanpete, and Wayne Counties. The volume of court cases is low in these less populated areas and services are provided through a contract with each of these counties. Staff for the Juvenile Court is housed in only three locations within the District: Kane, Sanpete and Sevier Counties.

Mutual Assistance Between Courts

The judges of Sixth District are committed to the concept of mutual assistance. The Juvenile Court Judge Paul Lyman has agreed to assist the District Court by hearing domestic matters and other district court matters as needed. Likewise, District Court Judges McIff and Mower have agreed to hear matters for each other and the Juvenile Court as needed. Several justice court judges also join in this effort to deliver timely justice. They have agreed to hear initial appearances, arraignments and preliminary hearings that would normally be conducted by the district court. This level of cooperation increases our ability to deliver timely hearings avoiding the necessity of waiting for the assigned judge=s scheduled court.

Work Restitution In the Juvenile Court

In 2004 the youth of Sixth District completed 34,212 community service hours restoring to their communities over $136,848 worth of service. They also paid $85,620 in fines and fees, and $28,816 in restitution was paid directly to victims of juvenile crime.

Other Programs:

Truancy Mediation

Effective Truancy mediation negotiates a shared responsibility and ownership by the student, the parents and the school and schools that have embraced this program have seen a high success rate. Truancy mediation is offered to the student, parents and school as an intervention prior to a formal referral to the Juvenile Court for truancy. The truancy mediation program has been "piloted" in Sevier County since 2003 years with Alternative Dispute Resolution staff from the Administrative Office Of the Courts doing most of the mediations. Several schools in the Sevier School District and Wayne School District are now participating in this truancy mediation program. In February, 2005, 12 community volunteers from Sanpete and Sevier Counties completed 12 hours of mediation training. The volunteers are still learning the process by observing and practicing the skills. Next school year they will be able to do the mediation without outside help. Now that the 6th District has community volunteers to do the mediations the program will be able to continue and expand within the district.

The Sevier and Wayne School Districts and the Juvenile Court are excited about this new program and the prospect of more effectively addressing the reasons for truancy and resolving it before action has to be taken at the court level.

Legal Services

The Sixth District Richfield office offers legal assistance through Utah Legal Services on the fourth Thursday of each month. A representative from Utah Legal Services travels to Richfield and is available to meet with people between 10 and 1 PM. No pre-registration, just come in. Call 896-2700 to check for scheduling changes.

Victim Assistance

Victim assistance in the form of a VOCA (Victims of Crime Advocate) Grant has aided the Sixth District. This Grant is utilized in assisting victims of juvenile perpetrated crimes. One of Sixth Districts' staff members can devote 10 hours per week strictly to aiding victims in securing restitution, counseling, connections with outside agencies that can also assist, and awareness of the court process as it deals with their case. For more information call 1-866-896-2753.

Drug Courts

Drug Court Poster

Sanpete and Sevier Counties have established successful adult drug courts. The Sevier Drug court has served 46 defendants since its beginning in August of 2000, 28 have successfully completed the program and only 2 have relapsed after completion. The Sanpete Drug court (unfunded) has served 10 defendants since its beginning in July 2002, 3 have successfully completed the program and none have relapsed after completion.

Quick Facts

Population Estimate: 59,023 as of July 1, 2005 (UPEC)
Geographic size: 15,883 sq miles
Court Locations: 6 District, 3 Juvenile and Justice
District Court Judges: 2
Juvenile Court Judges: 1
Justice Court Judges: 12
District Court Filings: 2,276 for FY2004
Juvenile Court Filings: 1,385 for FY2004
Justice Court Filings: 21,977 for FY2004

6th District Court Locations

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Sanpete County Sevier County Piute County Wayne County Garfield County Kane County

6th Judicial District Map

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