Judicial Council Meeting Minutes




Members Present: Staff Present:
Chief Justice Richard C. Howe 
Hon. Russell W. Bench 
Hon. Anthony Schofield 
Hon. Robert Braithwaite 
Hon. Michael K. Burton 
Hon. Michael Glasmann 
Hon. Ronald Hare
Hon. Scott Johansen 
Hon. Kay A. Lindsay 
Hon. John L. Sandberg 
Hon. Stan Truman 
Steven Kaufman
Daniel J. Becker
Myron K. March
Holly Bullen
Matty Branch
D. Mark Jones
Richard H. Schwermer
Ray Wahl
Cathie A. Montes

Excused: Guests:
Hon. Leonard H. Russon
Hon. Anne M. Stirba
Charles Brown, Incoming President, Utah StateBar 
James C. Jenkins, President, Utah State Bar
John Baldwin, Executive Director, Utah State Bar


Chief Justice Howe welcomed those in attendance. Brief remarks were then made by James C. Jenkins, outgoing Bar President; Charles Brown, incoming Bar President; David Nuffer, incoming Judicial Council member, and John Baldwin, Bar Executive Director.

Public Trust and Confidence

Dan Becker presented to the Council information relating to the issue of public trust and confidence. He discussed details of the Utah team's attendance at the conference which was held earlier in the year in Washington, DC.

He reviewed issues affecting public trust and confidence in the justice system, as well as complimentary efforts currently underway in Utah which target those issues, and possible additional initiatives. He stated that, as a short-term goal, the Administrative Office of the Courts will develop a specific proposal for increased public outreach. This proposal will be submitted to the Council for review, approval and adoption at its August meeting. Another initiative under consideration is for more emphasis to be placed on the importance of jurors as ambassadors for the courts. Toward this end, Mr. Becker plans to meet with a jury committee to discuss the following ways to build the public's trust and confidence:

A final issue, that of evaluating how best to address pro se litigants, will be deferred to the first of the year for further examination and discussion.

The meeting was adjourned following the presentation.