Utah Courts Employment Opportunities

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General Court Positions

General Court Positions are listed through the Utah State Jobs website and use an online application process. The links for the positions below will direct you to the State Jobs website (statejobs.utah.gov) where you will be able to apply for the listing.

  • Mediator (Administrative Office of the Courts, Salt Lake City)
    4/15/2015 - Job Announcement #4274
  • Judicial Assistant (8th District, Roosevelt)
    4/15/2015 - Job Announcement #4280
  • Senior Appellate Assistant (Utah Supreme Court - Matheson Courthouse)
    4/10/2015 - Job Announcement #4174
  • Application Developer (Administrative Office of the Courts - Matheson Courthouse)
    4/9/2015 - Job Announcement #4151
  • Deputy Probation Officer (3rd District Juvenile Court - Salt Lake County)
    4/2/2015 - Job Announcement #4155

Judicial Positions

District, Juvenile, and Appellate Court Judicial Positions

Judicial Positions for district, juvenile, and appellate courts are now listed by the Utah Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice. To view any current positions available, please visit their Judicial Vacancies (justice.utah.gov) page.

Justice Court Judicial Positions

Judicial Employment Applications

Additional Opportunities

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Plan - PDF Document PDF

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